xHeil_Kitler (xheil_kitler) wrote in fruitsy_rooms,

Help me~!

Hi guys~~ I really really need your help! I am trying to get organized with my accesories and stuff and I don't know what to do really~~
I know a lot of you have TONS and TONS of accesories and clothing like I do, so I was hoping you could give me some tips? Where do you put all your crap? I have like 239048239048230 bracelets and 2390842390423 necklaces and I want to be able to get to everything easy. I know you can hang your necklaces and all, but I have SO much that it'd look weird. I'd have like 3 boards full of necklaces and I can't even imagine hanging up bracelets since I used to be all into raves and stuff and I have a BUNCH of kandi! I also have an excessive amount of purses.

Anyways, any help at all would be REALLY appreciated~! And organizing tips for nail polish? I have crap tons of nail polish and nail stickers too.. And like.. what kind of clothes should I be folding and which ones should I hang? What about lolita clothes? I'm so confused~!
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