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Hello! I've been working on my room for about half a year now and look where it's got me... hahahah. I was going for a bit of a cluttered, antique-shoppe look... so I hope I pulled it off!

Come take a peek!

View from the doorway. The way my wall juts out is annoying, it makes a little corner that can be a pain to get in and out of sometimes. xD

I have way more books but these are my favourites. :3 And I love Diana Wynne Jones, if you couldn't tell. xP

This picture is a few weeks older but my chair is clean so I used it... the blue at the bottom is henceforth filled with pictures. xD

It's always a mess like this, and it gets worse over the summer when I don't have to wear a uniform... :O Let's play I spy the Creepers! I fuckin love those shoes.

My favourite part of my room, most definitely! My be-er, mattress-on-the-ground! x) And my three ferrets happen to agree... I named them for you. They're all girls, and they don't stink as bad as you'd think. :) Ohhh and I collect unicorns. ^o^

Those are all pins up there. I used to put them on my purses, but I lost too many so I put em up here instead. You can't really read any of them, but two of my favourites say: "I know my right from wrong I just prefer wrong" and "I'm too sexy for this pin" xD

My beloved cellphone(in which I'd die without) and a few of my favourite CDs and DVDs... the rest are shoved in secret places, lmao. :3

Best poster ever, y/y? Everytime I look at it I see something different. xD

I like winged hearts a lot too, another thing I collect. ^.^

Necklaces ~

Nicknacks, all mostly souvenirs or from other people.

The two pictures are from my friend's surprise birthday party. That was a blast. And then there's a kaleidoscope from my Nana. :3 That shelf I was going for a pink theme but it kind of failed! Oh well. xD

Annnd and and ~
the girl in the room -

Thanks for looking :D
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